The River Bride: Synchronicity Part 3

This is the final installment in my series about how I came to direct The River Bride. Click for part 1 or part 2.

In the first two installments I detailed how, through some coincidence and good fortune, I came to know and work repeatedly with the two talented actors in The River Bride. We’ve also done some great work independently: JR has dedicated his career to children’s theater and is an accomplished stage and screen actor; Caitlyn wrote, shot, starred in and edited the hilarious web series DORKS while also pursuing her fruitful acting career; and I made a successful life as an editor in online video advertising. We’ve all been fortunate to do something we love and usually get paid for it and we’re grateful for that, but we also know we’re capable of much more.

Since our early projects together Caitlyn, JR and I have basically operated as three sovereign electrons, bouncing along our merry way, occasionally interacting, but overall lacking the positive charge that would once again bind us together. That charge came for me when Caitlyn sent an early draft of The River Bride. The thoughtful, heartfelt story, the awkward situations and hilarious dialogue, not to mention the apropos theme of taking a chance to live the life you want, all got my little electron charged, but it was a specific line in the script that brought it all together for me. In response to Gene’s ambivalence about his status as a writer, Amy says: “If you write and you want to write then you’re a writer. You should just say that.” My ambition as a storyteller has always been to direct films, but I’ve often taken more predictable professional opportunities on the fringe of this goal hoping that eventually the path would lead me back to where I truly want to be. Making The River Bride would be a clear and resounding declaration that I am what I say I am: a director. And even better I’d get to go on this making-our-own-way journey with two of the most gifted, fun-loving people on the planet. That’s synchronicity.

Hanging @ Paymaster Lounge

After I signed on to produce and direct, we started discussing how we could get the film made and, as if by magnetism, positive things started to collect around us. We found production support, had a camera and lights donated and put some excellent crew and post production talent in place which reinforced what we already felt: now is the time. So, we took our collection of creative atoms to the Kickstarter lab in hopes that the generosity, faith and support of our friends, family and strangers at large would be the catalyst to bringing this script to the screen.

We’ve taken a big leap putting this project out there in this manner, but are confident that our unique friendship, experience and talent serve as the perfect combination of elements to make something exciting and new. We now stand just $5000 short of our goal less than 3 days away from the completion of our fundraising experiment. It has been an exhilarating ride full of graciousness, humility and at least a little anxiety. If you’ve thought about claiming one of our awesome incentives and haven’t now is the time to help make this film a reality. If you’ve already shared our story or contributed to the campaign I offer you my sincere thanks for helping me and my partners in crime take a leap of faith to live the lives we want.  Cheers!

TRB: More to come...

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