Still Here

For my third music video, I wanted to move away from a narrative arc and compose a mood piece.  I was motivated by the band’s Seattle origins to pay homage to the heyday of grunge music videos as I remembered them; odd angles, severe lighting and melodrama.  DP Josh Dion killed it on all marks and also brought the cool fast-shutter effect on the close ups of the guitar and bass strings.  This video also provided an opportunity to hone my compositing skills replacing the TV screens throughout using After Effects and Mocha.

This director’s cut also pays homage directly to Seattle’s own Bomb Shelter Videos.  I spent a great deal of time sourcing the show fliers and posters to mock up the set.  I then crafted the Air Raid intro after the BSV show opening and owe a debt of gratitude to Chip Sloan at Dig One who worked up the underlying track and even laid down the vocals!

The finished product even got some love in the blogosphere.

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