Nemo Television

2014 ended in fine, albeit furious, style as we partnered with Nemo Design on a video for their company-wide year-in-review.  The partners at ND pitted their account managers against each other for most creative presentation, so there was a lot at stake for our team.  What initially began as an editing exercise utilizing Beavis and Butthead soundbites to ridicule a Tillamook County Smoker video the team had created, quickly got blown out into a more full fledged concept that encompassed all things MTV, er NTV.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is rock n’ roll.

Working primarily with footage sourced from YouTube, we embraced the degraded nature of much of the content and decided to present the video as though it was recorded on an old VHS tape (that had obviously been taped over numerous times), complete with tracking warnings, audio warbles and rolling transitions. There were also some retro ads and MTV promos interspersed throughout, like Juicy Fruit and this Bo Knows Nike spot.

The lampooning opened with an NTV News segment sending up work done for Abominable snow goggles.  We shot Nemo’s IT director, Michael reading a script and composited his mouth (goatee and all) over the venerable Kurt Loder and added a graphics package that included Abom’s admittedly expensive Kickstarter campaign video and stills of packaging and display units designed by Nemo.

“For those who want goggles that put a heater right next to your delicate, fleshy eyeball.”

Perhaps my favorite MTV show of the early 90’s era was The State, which ignited the careers of Joe Lo Truglio and others (and gave us comedic gem Reno 911!, but we digress), so I was delighted when a bit featuring The Talking Sandwich came up during the brainstorming session.  We shot the puppet on a black seamless and composited it over work done for Nike like their Pendleton collaboration and The N7 campaign.  It was ridiculous and obtuse which made it both hilarious and perfect.

These Nike Pendleton kicks are awesome, but the sandwich is the star.

The icing on this proverbial cake was circling back to where the whole idea started and using Beavis and Butthead insults to lambast the Nemo produced video for Tillamook County Smoker.  The video was composited in context of B&B watching TV thinking they were going to be seeing pornography.  Scouring hours of old episodes for pearls and nuggets of audio is not the worst job we’ve ever had.

“You got a real purty mouth.”

The Nemo Design projects we’ve been fortunate enough to work on over the years have been some of the most fun and creatively fulfilling and while this one was no different in that regard, it gets bonus points for dragging us down a nostalgia drenched rabbit hole of a time when MTV stood for Music Television and our home movie viewing habits were tangible and fragile plastic cassettes.  Not a bad way to bid adieu to 2014. Not bad at all.

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