Hooray for ’33’

No, not my age as I just flipped the calendar over to year 36. Instead it’s a heartfelt congratulations to the passionate, dedicated and, most-of-all, talented cast and crew of the short film of same name, as it has be awarded the prize of ‘Best Dramatic Short’ by the Oregon Independent Film Festival.

33 laurels

Responding to an ad on craigslist (sure, it’s a wasteland of scam artists and dead ends, but it has honestly led me to some of my interesting work) brought me into the company of Julie Sullivan and Charlie Vaughn, two industry veterans of diverse backgrounds. I say that as both have operated both in front of the camera and behind the scenes over the years and their savvy shown brightly as they maneuvered the intimate shoot days.

Serving as A.D. and Line Producer was a great experience as I learned a great deal about techniques for working with actors and how far people are willing to go to tell a good story. The screening is September 26, 2015 @ The Clinton Street Theater and you can peep the trailer below. Kelsey Tucker and Kellie Holway both turn in levity producing performances to counter the bottoming out of Julie’s character.


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