I should be sleeping like a log.

It’s been a hard days night…

One of the great things about my job is the view it often provides into worlds you’d never otherwise see.  Last night was a case in point as I was hired at the last minute to help shoot a full scale first response/active shooter training.  It was evident when the MAX train pulled up at midnight filled with five dozen volunteer extras in full injury make-up that this was going to a unique experience and it didn’t disappoint.  I got perhaps the best gig roaming the scene handheld as the passengers evacuated the train and the police, fire and EMT teams descended upon the platform.  Blanks were fired, injuries were acted out and I got to see the way our various public defenders coordinate when shit hits the fan.  It served as both a reminder that we live in a chaotic, fragile world and that it feels damn good to have a camera in your hands, running around like a mad man in search of the next shot.

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