Creative Writing

Random Thoughts (as poetry)

Synapses fire

Cerebral sparks

Knowin’ that you’re savvy

Doesn’t get you proper marks.

Procrastination is a destination

If you hold out long enough.

Prepubescent to convalescent

Each breath a syncopated bluff.


File your 1040A

Pay your union dues

Wash, rinse, then repeat

And facilitate the ruse.

Participation is proclamation

When you take it all in stride

Examination is abomination

Ignorance tergiversates pride.

A Mother’s Day Poem

Posted this to Facebook last night, but thought it should live here for posterity:

I see ya mama, laboring in the shadows
To put some fixins on the table. 
Keep on me bout my grades and 
Come to my games when you’re able. 

I hear ya mama, crying through the door
About some things I can’t understand.
It keeps me on my hustle
Strainin to be a stand up man. 

I feel ya mama grindin night and day
Hoping the investment brings some respite
A house, the furs, the cars: I can’t promise.
But your blood, sweat an tears?
I’ll never forget. 

To all the Moms out there, we see you, we respect you and we appreciate all the work you do that goes unrecognized. To my own mom, my hat is off and my head is bowed as I say thank you for working so damn hard.