I’m a creative writer, director and editor; in short, I’m a storyteller. I work with clients to create distinctive, visceral content that breathes life into brands, be they products or people.

Born of a varied and extensive background in both commercial and narrative production, I consider myself a utility knife of content creation. I work closely with my clients during the concept phase to distill their brand to it’s most genuine components.  This leads to an authentic script that translates into relatable messaging and informs the corresponding imagery.  The edit can be fluid or kinetic, subtle or in-your-face.  Color finishing brings it all home by marrying a complimentary palette with the picture.  If you’re interested in using me to tell your story, you can learn more about the services I offer here.

I am in the finishing stages of post-production on The River Bride, a short film funded via Kickstarter that I produced and directed with hopes of getting on the 2015 festival circuit.

I’m a huge fan of The Big Lebowski, colorful humor and argyle socks. Oh, and I invented dice.

Me @ Sundance, UT, or as I like to call it: Bob's place.
Me @ Sundance, UT, or as I like to call it: Bob’s place.

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